Bala Barron Cornea Punch


  • The Barron Bala Asymmetric Cornea Vacuum Punch is a specially designed donor cornea punch for Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) procedures.
  • This Bala Punch consists of a cutting block, open top with blade, and a vacuum syringe. The nylon top has openings to provide a view of the donor tissue as it is being cut. This enables the surgeon to verify the correct seating of the top and the desired location of the cut.
  • This Bala Punch also uses a patented process to form a 2.8mm tail on the blade for manipulation as well as a bump on one side that provides a reference for orientation.
  • The blade of the Bala Punch is fabricated from the hardest stainless steel that is available, and its manufacture employs a proprietary, multiple stage honing of the blade edge to give an unsurpassed sharpness.
  • The thin wall of 0.13mm has a steep ground edge with a single bevel on the outside that reduces drag on the endothelium that is being harvested, unlike punch blades manufactured using double-bevel razor blades. And unlike bent razor blades, there is no discontinuity in the edge of the Barron blades.
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